Our main business covers three major segmentsCommercial Display,Office Environment and Cultural Space.The commercial display  covers the design and construction of traditional exhibition stands all over the world,including shop or stores,etc.
The Office Environment section covers the planning,design and construction of office space,such as enterprises,government,medical,schools etc.,as well as intelligent office environment solutions,etc.The cultural space section covers the planning,design and construction of big Show space,historical,cultural or large,medium and small museums of enterprises,hospitals,schools and government etc.

VEDEXPO Asia based in HK, own its office and designing center in HONGKONG, GUANGZHOU,SHANGHAI,BEIJING, so far has serviced for more than 200 clients in china, operated over 1000 projects.  What's more, we have our own factories in GUANGZHOU,DONGGUAN,BEIJING,SHANGHAI,DALIAN,so we can provide on-time and local service for our customers from other countries.

Selecting VEDEXPO,you will have high standard quality and all in one service.



CEO of VEDEXPO accepted the interview with EXHIBITION WORLD

Mr. Zhou: as you can see from our brochures, VEDEXP provides not only booth image design and build service but exhibition whole value chain services, that’s what we call EVRS, why do we put forward a concept like this? For exhibitors, an exhibition is equ

VEDEXPO start using new logo, and upgrade brand strategy

VEDEXP will start using the new company’s LOGO from April 4, 2014, the original LOGO will quit the historical stage, this is also a new starting point of the company strategy, at the same time, VEDEXP’s VI system will be put into use.



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